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Le Neuf-number 5

Stack of silkscreened pizza boxes used as packaging for pizzas sold for the Football World Cup.


Le Neuf-number 4

Mosaic of photograms extracted from films:

-A trip to the moon by Georges Méliès

-2001 a space oyssey by Stanley Kubrik

-Appolo: en route vers les étoiles/l'aventure spatiale (TF1)

-The Right Suff by Philipp Kaufman

extracts from which were used to make a film according to a protocol.

Le Neuf-number 2

Vue after the event "Come and celebrate the nightfall around the Gros-caillou "


Numéro 9/numéro 1 piste B- Noël Roustel invites Gaëlle Perrat, singer-

Le Neuf

Collaboration with Claire-Lise Panchaud between 2005 and 2007.

artistic object appearing every 3 months, wich form and contents vary by context and audience.

Each number is the result of a collaboration with a third person each time different.

Below, list of participants:


Rada Boukova-visual artist

-pilote- Claire-Lise and Aude

Christian Cerro- mathematics and aviation teacher-

Lisyanne Lacombe-astrologer

The children of the art workshop "arts et développement"-

Mohamed Mejaï of Pizza'pentes and Délices des pentes- baker-

François Panchaud- Ward/ nature reserve organizer-

Agnès Szabo- sound engineer

Track A -Anders Nilsson- Language student

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