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Through walls, mirrors, forests, fields and sceneries, the bullets reach other curves, meet other bullets, make the horizon vertical and vice versa ...

The bullets flatten like flying shadows.

land on the plates, charge the sky.

ricochet, sink and turn upside down.

become targets, become bullets.


For her birthday, Lucie receives an image representing a wave in suspension. This singular "heritage" will soon act as a real breath of fresh air on her and deflect the course of her life. In an irrational way, "elements" sometimes appear on the image at an increasing rate, which will plunge Lucie into a deep trouble. A face to face settles between her and the flat image. "Aspirated", she leads the investigation; it unfolds. Questions arise: Where does the wave come from? What wind brought it to her? What does it carry? How can a frozen movement, that of the suspended wave, unfold such an overflowing activity? Can we talk about "activity"?  Why does this vagrant image have an appointment with Lucie here and now?

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