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           Born in 1978 in Chamonix-France


        -CEAP at Beaux Arts school of Valence/ France in 1998.

        -DNAP at Beaux Arts school of Poitiers/ France (ESI) in 2002.

        -DAEFLE, (Diploma of aptitude for teaching french as a foreign language) by "L 'Alliance Française", Paris in 2009.



-February 2018                         Taking part in the collective project Titre à venir. Collective Exhibition at "l'Attrape-couleurs" in Lyon/ France.

-September-October 2017               Clic slash étoile ciel de mer  at "l'Espace Larith" in Chambéry/ France.

                                                        Personal exhibition in resonance with the art biennale for contemporary art of Lyon.

-September 2017                       Mix Maxence, Personal exhibition at "Château de Sacy" in Sacy-le-Petit after having attended a creation residency in may 2017.

-July-August 2017                            Taking part in the exhibition Incubes, choses et tarasques  with Gilles Foras and Dominique Husson at "la MAC" in Pérouges/ France.

-February 2017                                Personal exhibition at "la Mapra" in Lyon/ France.

-September 2016                                 Taking part in the exhibition L'Attrape-couleurs, manifestement !  at "L'Attrape-couleurs" in Lyon/ France.

-June 2016                               Taking part in the exhibition L'enfance revisitée at "La Remise" in Pollionay/ France.

-June 2015                               Taking part in the exhibition Nuit d'Ivresse at "la Villa Dutoit" in Geneva/ Switzerland.

                                                            Présentation of the performing Fluides in collaboration with Adeline Toulon.

-June 2015                                          Éclats, exhibition in collaboration with Adeline Toulon at the "Saint-Pierre de Charaix" church in Saint Christophe-et-le-Laris as a part of

                                                            the festival "L'Art et la Matière en Drôme-Les-collines"/ France.

-November 2014                        Perspective mortelle, exhibition in collaboration with Claire-Lise Panchaud at "la Friche Lamartine" in Lyon/ France.

-October 2014                                  Taking part in the residency Emergency! #2  at "la Fonderie Kugler" in Geneva/ France.

                                                                Présentation of the performing Fluides in collaboration with Adeline Toulon.


-2017                  Mix Maxence (exhibition booklet).

-2006                  -La Vague, graphic novel édited in a bilingual version (french-italian) by "Lo Spettatore". Translation made by Sandrine Ravanel.

                         -De l'autre côté de la montagne ( graphic frieze inspired by "the holy shroud of Torino").

                                 Artworks presented at the "Book show of Torino" and at "Fiera d'Asti" in Italy.

-2005 à 2007         Le neuf, artistic object appearing every 3 months, wich form and contents vary by context and audience. Collaboration with Claire-Lise Panchaud.

      Teaching, leading:

-January to june 2018                            Teaching comics to children at "Centre Léo Lagrange" in Villeurbanne/ France.

-October 2015 to may 2016          Leading a workshop with students learning catering at the professional highschool of "Salève" in Annemasse/ France.

                                                             Customization of uniforms.

-October 2011 to june 2012                   Teaching painting for adults at the association "Peindre à Sainte-Foy " in Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon/ France.

-December 2006 to february 2010         Leading weekly art workshops to children with the association "Arts et développement" in Bron/ France.

-May 2008 to may 2009                    Leading a workshop with hihschool students of the "Collège Mermoz" in Lyon concerning objets and memories and responsible for valuing 

                                                            students' work in form of an exhibition/ France.

-March to june 2008                              Taking part in a construction project of chariots with recycled materials together with the inhabitants of the district of "Mermoz" in Lyon and 

                                                            in collaboration with the artist Némo/ France.

-March to june 2008                              Leading weekly art workshops to children at "MJC Laënnec-Mermoz" in Lyon/ France.

-September 2006 to june 2007           -Leading art and langage workshops in collaboration with Jean-François Grassin, french-as-a-foreign-language teacher at "collège

                                                             Théodore Monod" in Bron/ France.

                                                            -Taking part to the project "Les 10 mots de la Francophonie" in relation with the theater compagny « Les Arpenteurs » in Lyon/ France.

                                                             Création of poetic posters with children and with elderly peaople.

         I also taught languages at several institutions in Lyon and in Salvador da Bahia in Brazil.

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